Bonnie Kidney Transplant

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Description: Get ready for a kidney transplant surgery, you little doctors! Barbie and Ellie have been hospitalized this morning, Barbie as the recipient and Ellie as the donor of the kidney her friend needs for a better life. They are almost set for the transplant procedure, so you’ll just need to complete a few remaining tasks before getting it started: first of all, double check the medical analyzes to make sure they are compatible, then put an iv for each of them and don’t forget to give the the anesthetic cocktail too. Next you get to perform the recovery procedure and then the one in which you get to attach the organ to Barbie’s body. Wonderful job, ladies! Now we need to wait for the two friends to recover after this procedure and then you get to dress them up for their first outing. Have a blast playing this brand new Doctor Game on DressUpWho called Bonnie Kidney Transplant!
How to play: Tap to play the Bonnie Kidney Transplant Game!