Barbie's Graduation Day

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Tags: Action
Description: College years are a great school and life experience, but they don't last forever. Barbie has greatly enjoyed her days at college and now Barbie is preparing for her college graduation day. Barbie will be graduating from Stanford this weekend and she is so excited about the graduation ceremony when she receives her college graduation diploma, followed by the traditional hats throwing and the graduation after party. Barbie's graduation day is a very important day for Barbie and she has a hard time figuring out what to wear. Barbie leans towards wearing a pretty dress underneath her college graduation robe, but she does not want her dress to be too formal or too casual. Design Barbie's graduation day attire playing Barbie's Graduation Day dress up game! Dress up Barbie for her college graduation day in a fashionable graduation ceremony robe and hat. Once the ceremony is over, change Barbie into a graduation party attire, dressing her up in an elegant dress, earrings and necklace, or in a chic and stylish top and skirt, matched with a trendy hairstyle and fancy high heels. Have a fabulous time playing Barbie's Graduation Day dress up game!
How to play: Use mouse.